Tuesday, May 7, 2013

DIY : Stump Accent Table

Check out these cute and crafty DIY stump accent tables. These were made by a friend of mine, Jennifer, and she says they were super easy to create.

Jennifer found these stumps unused near her home. She then removed the bark and sanded them down until they were smooth and had a level top. Using wood stain in the colour "Walnut", she stained them with an old cloth, which really brought out the natural wood texture and gave it a shine. She then drilled holes into the bottom for attaching the legs, which can be purchased at any home store, such as Home Depot and Ikea and cost about $10 for 3.
These little tables make great plant stands and are cute when topped off with a framed photo.

There also could be many different variations of this table, using different types of wood and sizes. Try using a large thinly cut piece of wood for a coffee table or use birch logs and leave the bark on without using any stain.